Confirm the Venue Before You Leave

Please take a moment to confirm the venue. We don’t expect the venue to change but if it does we will post the change on the website. If we have to change the venue within 21 days of your event, City Dance Movement will contact the studio directors via email.

Competition Times

We will open the doors to the venue and dressing rooms one hour before the competition starts. Our goal is to keep our competitions running on time, but on occasion, we will get ahead or behind schedule. It will be important to have your dancers ready & checked in backstage a few numbers before their scheduled performance time. We have partnered with DanceBug so you will be able to follow the live schedule on the DanceBug App.


City Dance Movement Inc. only communicates with Studio Directors. As much as we would love to have conversations with each of the parents attending, it is simply not possible. This includes but is not limited to the event schedule, adjudications, awards, financial responsibility, accessing complementary media, etc. Please direct all questions to your Studio Director.

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