Age Division & Levels


All ages are as of January 1st.
Average Age Rule: names and birthdates are required to register contestants. Duo/Trio and Groups’ ages are configured by adding the ages of all the contestants and dividing by the number of contestants. Decimals are not used.
Age Bump Rule: Contestants may only compete down one level.

Age Groups are as follows:

  • Tiny: 7 and under
  • Petite: 8-9 years
  • Junior: 10-12 years
  • Teen : 13-15 years
  • Senior: 16-19 years
  • Adult: 20+


Levels are assigned to each contestant by the studio based on the following guidelines:

This category is for those dancers that take less than 4 hours of dance lessons per week. This level is for dancers learning the basic technique skills.

This category is for those dancers who take 4-7 hours of dance lessons per week. This level is for dancers who have a clear understanding of basic technique and performance, but are working toward refining technique and improving skill difficulty.

This category is for those dancers who take more than 7+ hours of lessons per week. Dancers in this level have mastered basic technique, and have a clear understanding of performance quality. Skill difficulty and choreography complexity should be easily identified by the judge.

City Stars
City Dance Movement Inc. is proud to offer this category for our Special Needs dancers. Dances in this category will be adjudicated but not placed in overalls. However, awards will be given at our awards ceremonies. Registration for our City Stars is free of charge.

Group levels will be auto-calculated; if more than 50% of the group’s dancers are assigned the higher level individually, the group will dance in the higher level. Levels may not be changed the day of the event.

City Dance Movement Inc. trusts that studio owners will provide accurate information when entering contestants’ levels. City Dance Movement Inc. reserves the right to move a dance to a different level if deemed appropriate.

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