Judging Guidelines & Awards


Contestants will be adjudicated in their assigned placement level based on a scoring system separated by Technique, Execution, Stage Presence, Choreography, and Costume. The following is a breakdown of the Adjudication Placements.

260-269- GOLD
270-279- HIGH GOLD
294-300-CITY LEGEND (eligible for Elite Contestants)

​Routines will be scored based on first attempts only. Any performers that do not complete their routine on stage will be given the option to perform again, but not for adjudication.


Routines that may be deemed not family-friendly based on music, choreography, or costume will have points deducted from their final score or may be disqualified.


High Score Awards will be given out for each age solo, duo, trio, and group in each level.
Judges Awards will be given at each competition based on which performances impress and stand out to the judges.
Top Production Award: At each competition, there will be a TOP PRODUCTION AWARD presented. Recognition will be posted on City Dance Movement Inc. social media forums.
City Standout Awards: At every competition, CITY STANDOUT AWARDS will be presented to the Top 5 scores for 12 and under groups and 13 and over groups, excluding productions. A Cash Prize will be awarded to the TOP CITY STANDOUT in each of the two age groups.
City Legend Award: Contestants receiving a score of 294+ will be honored as a City LEGEND in your City. Recognition will be posted on City Dance Movement Inc. social media forums.
Photogenic Contest: At the competition, contestants may enter our Photogenic Contest. The cost is $25 per entry and an 8×10 photo must be presented at the registration booth.

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